Baby Fish Toy Battery
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Baby Fish Toy Battery

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Allow More Playtime With An Extra Battery!

An extra battery allows the fun to continue. The battery will produce approximately one hour of playtime.

Easily Chargeable With USB

No need for batteries, a simple charge via USB and let playtime begin. USB is included in the packaging. Charge lasts for approximately 1-2 hours depending on how much it is played with during this time. 

What's Included

1 x rechargeable battery

1 x USB cable

Customer Reviews

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Ashley Bishop
Early fisherman

My baby just loves the jumpy fish. Can’t wait till he’s bigger and can sit up and play with them.

Suzana Brenko

Baby Fish Toy™

Jennifer Evans

Baby Fish Toy™

Jina Ruiz
So cool

I personally love the toy . It works perfectly. My 8month old daughter was scared of it at first but now she likes playing with it and is very curious to watch what it does next once it turns on out of nowhere, so I won’t take any starts off for that . Every kid is different. I’m sure many kids love it right away just my daughter had to figure out it wasn’t going to harm her first before the felt comfortable playing with it

Laura Dalgleish
Love the fish

My little one love the fish! Glad we got the second battery to switch out when needed.